Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing Plants are located in the State of Mexico, Mexico.

They are a fundamental part of the economic development of the region.

Our facilities have a cutting-edge technology and high-tech knitting machines.

Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing Plants

The knitting plant has Raschel, Textronic, Jacquardtronic, Tricot and Circular knitting fabric machinery.

Our fully automated dyeing plant has a color matching laboratory, color kitchen manager, addition dissolving station, continuous scouring machine, Jets and Pressure dyeing machines.

The finishing area is equipped with tenter frames.  We have the technology to provide to the fabrics several types of treatments such as antibacterial, flame resistant, resins, softeners, repellents, etc.

Our Laboratories

Our control processes laboratories have certified and calibrated instruments fulfilling with international standards.

The quality control system starts with the inspection of raw materials and ends with the finished product under the standards of ISO9001-2015 and, in addition, we have the support of the Bureau Veritas Inspections.

We are committed with the environmental care

For which we have a wastewater treatment plant and emissions control equipment, with which we exceed the Mexican legislation requirements.

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